ALERT: Potential Fire Department Changes

Post date: May 18, 2013 1:56:56 AM

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Hyalite Foothills HOA Board,residents and property owners,

I am a member of the Hyalite Foothills HOA.

Last Friday (5/10/13) I attended a Special Meeting of the Rae Fire Department Board of Trustees. They were prepared to pass a motion to terminate the two Interlocal Agreements (IA) that provide us with good and adequate fire protection and other services. I moved to table this motion, and other folks and I convinced the Rae Board to table the motion. In the interim, I have received extensive documentation and information that convinces me that the Rae Board is not acting in the best interests of the Hyalite Foothills HOA residents and property owners; that we are all at this time at risk starting this 2013 fire season; that there is a strong likelihood that IA termination will result in the ISO rating for each of us to be changed from 4 to 12 which will substantially increase everyone's annual insurance premium; that after my three hour meeting last night at Sourdough with the volunteer fire crew, that on IA termination they will elect to work only for the Sourdough Fire Department leaving no volunteers to service the Rae Department; that it is imprudent and ill advised for the Rae Board to advertise nationally for a new Rae Fire Chief at around $100k/yr as this decision combined with the IA termination will result in the Hyalite property owners being assessed extraordinary fees for years to come to cover these costs which are currently not budgeted. There is more to this matter that you should become aware of and you should be present to impress the Rae Board that it serves the residents and property owners of Hyalite HOA and they have an obligation to listen to us and not act independently and irresponsibly.

Your immediate attention to this very serious matter is urgent. All Hyalite property owners must be immediately advised about this matter and urged to attend the Rae Board meeting on May 21st at 7:00pm.

I am happy to respond to any and all inquiries. Please telephone me as fielding emails is too time consuming.I am currently reviewing numerous documents in preparation for my presentation at the up coming Rae Board meeting. I am prepared to submit a personal letter stating my objections to past and present Rae Board action and inaction at the May 21st Board meeting.


William Eggers


William J. Eggers III

Attorney at Law

Tel-(406) 556-0783